Friday, March 21, 2014

For the Birds!

As I work to clear out the ranch home that was my mother's I am faced with a renewed interest to rid my life of clutter and place more emphasis on experiences.  Her home since 1975, it is full.  Not hoarder full, but still full.  Papers, clothing, garage sale finds, decorations for every imaginable holiday, and the every day of life.  I started there, in the kitchen, making due as best I could with the food that remained.  Much of it was expired, and instead of simply tossing it in the trash, I empty the boxes of crackers and the like, into a large plastic bag.  After recycling what paper I could, my daughter and I gave the birds and critters in our yard a feast.  Scattered on top of the flower bed we put in last year, my plan was for the animals to eat up the food and turn it into fertilizer for the yard.  Seems to have worked.  We spread this last Sunday, and every bit is gone.  Now all I need are the flowers to break through!

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