Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hair Salon in the Kitchen -- It's a Frugal Life

It was simply too long to ignore any longer.  Still in our PJs, following doctor's orders to "take it easy" we were having a lazy Sunday morning at home.  My husband was off at the office and I was home with the kids.  Our son's hair had simply gotten too long for me to not do something.  A coupon for a free cut hung on the kitchen bulletin board, the central spot for household savings.  But using it would require the car, a tip, and getting dressed.  Wanting to save some dollars and give as much as I could to fighting off this virus I cannot shake, I opted for the in-home salon approach.  No tip, cut accomplished in my warm and comfy PJs.

How to keep a 5 year old boy still long enough for a hair cut?  Youtube Lego reviews to the rescue -- free and effective.  A spritzer bottle of water and scissors I bought a year or so ago at Target were quickly located.  Snip, snip, snip.  Slowly the craziness was tamed.  Does it look like the fine hairstyles walking down the red carpet tonight for the Oscars?  No, but he is 5 and not in commercials.  And thanks to our frugal ways, both kids have solid college funds -- we're practical here, not flashy or too fancy.

Do keep in mind that twice a year I take the kids in for a cut from a professional, usually the barber shop at our local mall or one owned by a distant relative on campus.  Both are more outings with the kids than anything. It is a fun and inexpensive adventure, time with Mama.  But their hair does receive some professional attention during a year for those of you who cringe at the idea of a home cut.

That was my main frugal move of the day, what was yours?

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