Monday, March 31, 2014

Simplicity Parenting Boosted With Warmer Temps

Sixty degree weather has arrived in Madison, and with the southerly winds my simplicity parenting efforts received a much needed boost.  Once home from preschool the kids enjoyed a snack of trail mix and crackers, and then it was off to the backyard.  Compost was added to the pile.  Leaves recently thawed were raked and added to the compost.  Dirt and pine needs were moved, and the first crocuses of the year were found.  Simple, messy, and very frugal fun was had in our yard today.

Our second year of beauty -- bulbs were purchased through an environmental nonprofit.  Great purchase, it just keeps on giving!  Note the decomposing pumpkin in the back -- last years jack-o-lantern.  Nothing goes to waste if I can help it.

 Here you see winter sleds getting new life in the spring -- perfect for wee ones hauling leaves and such.  The pine needs were added to the their mulch pit -- better than the compost pile.

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