Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Second Life of a Salsa Jar

Perched in the drying section of the sink tonight is a newly emptied salsa jar.  Leftover from a Village dinner (our adopted family) a weekend or so ago, the last bit was added to rice, cheese and sausage for my husband's Friday brown bag lunch.  Washed and now drying, the jar is not headed to my recycling bag. Instead, once dry, it will join a growing cachet of glass jars waiting to be transformed into something new.  A container of face scrub, scented bath salts, or possibly a candle.  New life awaits the salsa jar, and the jelly one situated to the back.

Looking ahead towards Spring I see numerous thank you gifts that we will make to the lovely people who have, and continue to, support my little family during a time of transition.  Following several years of illness, my mother passed away in mid-February.  Now is the time for paperwork, planning a service, and the like. But my mind circles on the ways in which we can thank those who supported us with a shoulder to lean on, child care for the children, and meals to nourish us this winter.  Those little jars will be a frugal and earth friendly way to say thank-you. And filling them with joy is a lovely and simple activity for our young children to engage in with me.

The upside of frugal -- kind to your wallet, your health, and the earth.  One not need spend huge amounts of dollars to say thank-you.  Time, creativity, and a salsa jar can say a great deal.  Thank you for reading!  And if you have other creative uses for old jars, leave a comment and share!

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