Saturday, March 22, 2014

Time, Money, and the Frugal Brain

Commonplace among the frugal are yard sales.  Have an item you no longer want?  Sell it and salvage some money from it.  I was firmly planted in this camp for a good portion of my frugal life.  But upon meeting the man I would later marry, my approach to frugality shifted.  And that shift is highlighted during the phase of life I am in at the moment.

With both of my parents now deceased there is a home and two lifetimes of items to re-distribute.  Meaningful ones to my home or those of others.  But what about the stuff, things like coffee pots, dishes, clothing, etc.  "Have a garage sale" is the overwhelming consensus among the many who are kind enough to offer a hand.  And of course there is the perpetual Craigs List and Ebay routes.  I will be taking those routes, but I will also be donating a large portion.  Why?  My husband has pointed out that taking the time to sell items distracts me from my two passions: practicing law and parenting my kids.  Also, the donation may have more bang for the buck come tax season for 2014.  We itemize, and those donations are a deduction.

I offer this to other frugal minded folks -- penny wise and pound foolish is an expression worth thinking about.  Do not forget, your time is valuable.  You can use it to earn money, but also devote it to things that mean the world to you. Spending an entire Saturday selling goods means you are not doing something else.  Is it worth it?  Question, question, question and do not follow the well worn path all the time.  You just may do a little something nice for your health, your wallet, and the earth.

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