Thursday, April 3, 2014

A New Twist on Little Free Library

You've likely seen one, a wooden box placed outside a home, business or community center.  Designed in a variety of ways, they all have the title Free Little Library.  Open to all it encourages you to pick up a book and or leave another.  I've used them on occasion, one time walking away with excellent copies of classic children's books I read. Clifford the Big Red is now a favorite of my children thanks to the copy I found in one box.

Earlier tonight I did a book reading (Middle Class Philanthropist: How anyone can leave a legacy) at the Spring Green Community Library.  Afterwards we fellow book lovers and librarian junkies got on the topic of Free Little Libraries.  I had not heard of a new trend, but am intrigued.  Using the Google map of all the Free Little Library locations, people use GPS' to locate as many in their area, traveling with books to leave and a box to place new ones they pick up along the way.  Sounds like a random and inexpensive way to spend a Saturday, acquire some new reading material, and if you have wee ones in your home cultivate another generation of book worms.

Keep reading, this is something we'll add to our agenda.  I just have to figure out if my phone has a GPS and if so, how to use it!

The Free Little Library outside of Prairie UU church in Madison, WI.

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