Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bunny Cake in the Frugal Home

Easter Sunday, 2014 -- a day of simple pleasures and quality time with family.  The day began with a relaxed breakfast at home, cheered up with a single pack of gourmet coffee (chocolate cake from the local Victor Allen's).  Then off to an Easter Egg hunt at Prairie UU, what I call atheists with coffee.  It has the feel of church, but welcomes any and all, no what, if any beliefs they hold.  Husband and I got a decent image for Sunday Selfie on Facebook while our wee ones hunted down eggs.


 And success in the hunt!

We had quick stop at home for bagels and eggs before heading over to the friends we call The Village.  Multiple families gathered, each bringing a dish or two, resulting in a heavenly feast.  We were slated for breads (buy one get one free from Clasen's in Middleton), wine (again, on sale at the neighborhood Hy-Vee), and Bunny Cake. Pictured below, one has graced every Easter dinner table since my birth.  This year was the first that my mother, the one who introduced it to my life, was not with us.  Having taken the baton on this annual cake, I made it slightly healthier.  Just a bit of frosting, enough to secure unsweetened coconut.  Nuts, apricots, and chocolate chips provided the detailing (as opposed to my mom's use of jelly beans and licorice).  All it took was two spring foam round cake pans, and voila, bunny cake!

The upside of a frugal life -- joy in the simple, a holiday that does not strain the budget, and a life that walks just a little less on Mother Earth.  Have a great frugal idea?  Post a comment, inspire others and give me ideas.  Thanks for reading!

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