Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bye Bye Blinds, Hello Frugal Curtains

Window covering ordeal solved!  Regular readers may recall a recent post about my decision not to purchase blinds from JC Penney.  It was not so much the price that turned me off, but the high pressure sales technique.  Had I gone through with the purchase I would have spent $1,852 dollars for blinds to cover six windows.  I passed, and my wallet now thanks me.

The windows are now covered, for $58 dollars.  Yes, as in less than $100, not over $1,000.  A simple set of curtains at Target for $20 fixed the master bathroom window situation.  And two panels from Bed, Bath and Beyond for $38 (total -- they were on clearance) covered the bare windows in our son's room.  We decided to make do with what we already have in the master bedroom and our daughter's room.

Curtains were by far less expensive than blinds.  Should be easy to clean.  And if we opt for something different in three years a lot less expensive to replace.  Also, I realized that our son is tall enough to adjust his new curtains.  That would not have been the case with blinds hanging far above his head.  Independence is a great thing in bringing up wee ones.  Yeah for curtains.

Our Earth Day was quite quiet otherwise.  Work and school.  Dinner of leftovers.  Time outdoors.  A reading of The Lorax before bed.  Really not too different than most other days here at the home of the Frugal Upside.  Thanks for reading, and be well.

Meet the new curtains.  Simple, utilitarian, and frugal.  What not to love?

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