Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Frugal Comforting Split Pea Soup

Yes, I am still here, as frugal as ever.  Blogging was paused due to a flurry of emotional events.  My mother's memorial was held over the weekend.  Last minute "to dos", relatives visiting from out-of-state, and a booster of grief over her passing consumed much of my energy.  Mixed into an already dramatic filled few days were scheduled depositions of the school staff, yes, the school we sued.  Delays, settlement offers, laughable settlement overs, rescheduled depositions, and within an hour of those depositions occurring today an offer that was at the minimum of justified in our eyes.  The specifics are not subject to discussion by the parties, can you guess which side asked for that clause?

Tonight, as a blanket of gray clouds envelope Madison, producing a steady drizzle and bone chilling dampness, I turned to comfort food.   Easy, healthy, and oh so frugal.  One bag of yellow split peas, add a container of broth (we prefer chicken), some water, and a bay leaf or two.  Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, and you have perfect frugal comfort food in about 90 minutes.  Served with cheese, crackers and fruit slices, it was ideal.

Just off to the left you'll glimpse a stunning flower display given to us by dear friends.  It stood front and center at my mom's memorial, along with her urn and some photos.  Now it graces my kitchen counter, offering cheer during some long dark days (literally and figuratively).

Thanks for following along, and hopefully I have passed the apex of my overbooked schedule, and can return to more regular posts.

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