Saturday, April 19, 2014

Meet My New Brown Sweater

Spend some of that inheritance dear, stop with the thrift stores, get something nice.  Ever since my mother passed I have heard this countless times from countless people.  Thrift store shopping still seems to carry with it a stigma, some sort of deprivation.  Not for me, in fact it brings with the the high of finding a treasure. Toss in that it goes easy on my budget and treads lightly on Mother Earth, it seems like a win win situation. So even though our financial life is a bit flush lately (something the self-employed know is cyclical, with downs ahead) I am sticking to my frugal ways.  Here is my latest favorite find.  Just under $5 and I wore it this past week thanks to the winter that simply won't stop giving.

Here's to frugality, something I choose each and every day.

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