Sunday, April 6, 2014

Versatile Frugal Spot - Madison, Wisconsin

From date night to wedding location to kid adventure to source of education and or quite contemplation, you can find it at in the UW Arboretum.  Ideal for those seeking frugality and nature.  It was today's destination for Frugal Mama and Wee Ones Weekend outing.

With my eldest a bit under the weather, we decided to keep our weekend "hike" local and rather short.  The weather was simply too nice not to push ourselves (okay, just him) and get out and about.  The UW Arboretum was a natural choice.  Minutes from our home it offers all types of hiking options -- woods, prairie, wild turkeys, sunken foundations from the turn of the century.  There is no admissions fee, so off we went.

This "free" adventure nearly turned into a costly one at the end.  My daughter fell asleep in the car and my son had the idea to wake her up by sticking a dried piece of grass that he brought home with him up her nose.  It woke her up, and then the blood started flowing, and flowing.  He was scared, she was annoyed, and I quickly called the doctor.  Thankfully it stopped on its own, otherwise we'd have been off to the ER this Sunday night.  And that is not a frugal spot for us (with an HSA we pay the frist $10,000 of medical expenses each year out-of-pocket -- with tax deferred HSA dollars).

If you are in Madison and seek a frugal spot, consider the UW Arboretum for:

  • date nights -- simple walks or a guided tour
  • classes of all sorts
  • summer camps for school-aged children (I've made a mental note for our family)
  • wedding or other commitment ceremonies
  • quite alone time
  • a place to walk, hike, jog, bike, or sit and meditate.
What is your favorite "free spot" here in Madison or somewhere else on the glob?

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