Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Frugal Life, A Healthy Life

A favorite frugal meal graced our table tonight.  Chicken black bean soup and whole wheat corn muffins. Baking at the moment are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, which will be served tomorrow in place of a birthday cake for my husband.  He does not like cake, but adores my homemade chocolate chip cookies. Thankfully I increased the portions while cooking, allowing me to set aside muffins, soup and cookies to be delivered as a care package in the morning.  Earlier this week a friend (who is my age, married, and has two children of similar ages) underwent cancer surgery.  I signed up through and wanted to drop off something healthy.  I hope I hit the mark.

Frugal living has many upsides, one of which I bank on is that it will provide long-term health benefits.  Upon turning 40 another friend said "we've entered the decade of divorces and cancer diagnoses".  Sadly I see that happening to those around me on a weekly basis.  In my 20s and 30s frugal living allowed me to pay down $97,000 in student debt and then create a nice sized down payment on a house.  Frugal has been more about finances than health for me.  I sense that my motivation is beginning to shift.

If the soup sounds tasty, give it a try, it could not be more easy: 2 cans black beans, 2 cups broth, 1 jar salsa.  Mix and simmer.  I tossed in fresh cilantro, scallions bought at the farmers market today, and leftover chicken.  Simple, healthy, and easy on the budget.

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