Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Expanding A Garden Frugally

Followers of this blog know that over the past year or two I have been working to convert our lawn into gardens for perennial flowers and vegetables.  While I am frugal, I am not so frugal that I grow plants from seeds.  I simply do not have the time to put into those efforts, at least not now.  However, I have found a frugal way to add otherwise expensive perennials to our yard - nice people give them to me!  Last year an email to fellow UU members resulted in garlic and rhubarb, which have sprouted recently.  And yesterday I picked up 6 black raspberry canes from another friend who was giving some away.  Perennials come back, and they spread.  So, if you are looking to acquire plants consider a plea via social media.  You may find some wonderful surprises.  And I will close with the fact that I want pay forward this good karma, and will gladly offer some of the endless day lilies that are popping up all over our yard to anyone wanting some. Cheers, and happy frugal living.

Happy Spring!

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