Sunday, May 25, 2014

Feeding Positive Curb Karma

Since venturing onto the frugal path of life back in my late 20s, curb karma has played a key role in living well on little.  Curb karma is when something you want/need appears on the curb, left by one who no longer needed the item.  From furniture to baby clothes to gardening items, we have been blessed by curb karma.  And in an effort to feed that cycle, I am employing Craigs List to give away items from my mom's house.  It is a win win for me -- keeping items out of landfills, avoiding the fee of professionals hauling it away, and hopefully allowing others to live well on less.

Today's offerings include dated garden tools and supplies as well as automobile items.  If you are a reader and are local to Madison, help yourself!  They are outside the garage at 1121 Valley Stream Dr., in the Green Tree Neighborhood on Madison's West Side.  Feel free to spread the word, and may your day be frugal!

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