Saturday, May 31, 2014

Field Trip -- To the Farmette We Went!

Regular readers of Frugal Upside will likely remember the times I have linked to a fellow blogger.  Many of the posts on The Other Side of the Ocean parallel my frugal ways or illustrate my frugal aspirations.  The author once taught me concepts of family law at the University of Wisconsin Law School.  Now, through her blog, images, and today's field trip, she is teaching me the finer points of gardening.  At some point today I saw some ad that said "Growing your own food is like printing your own money".  Yes, it is a frugal move. It is also a health one, and one that is kind to the earth.

Today's lesson was on creating a raspberry patch.  With her's running over, the author of Ocean is selling canes on Craigs List.  The kids and I emailed in advance (essentially so that Orea the Rooster could be comfortably settled away from the feet of wee ones), and made the short drive to the farmette.  We were greated with a friendly hello, five canes, and a tour of the grounds.  We met Isis the intrepid cat, and saw the entrance to Martha the groundhog's abode.  It was confirmed that bats are an ideal way to control mosquitos (note to self, we must install the bat house I bought last year).  And thanks to the prompting of our son, we learned that the mushrooms sprouting all around our garden, and her's, are fine.  "Don't eat them, but they do wonderful things for the plants and soil" said my teacher.  Finally some points on raspberries.  They needs lots of sun.  That explains why the canes that came with our house grow, but do not produce much fruit.  If the transplants wilt, which they may because it is late in the season to transplant, trim them down and wait until next year.

This evening I dug five holes on the south side of the house, one that was taken over by weeds last year.  We now have a raspberry patch on the west end, followed by a mellon plant, then then rhubarb we were given last year and some garlic.  Our efforts to turn that part of the house into a perennial vegetable are coming along nicely.  Motivated by the ad I saw about growing your own food, I am looking forward to season after season of slowly turning our suburban lawn into a patch of earth from which a portion of our summer meals are gathered from.

Thanks for reading, and here are a few pictures of the evolving yard.

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  1. That quote comes from Ron Finley's TED talk. Look it up and watch it. He swears in it, so suggest you wait until the kids are in bed. It is the most inspiring garden thing I have ever seen, and one of the most inspiring of anything I've seen. As a sister UU, you will appreciate the social justice aspect of his work as well! Cheers, and great looking garden. :) Cindy