Sunday, May 18, 2014

Frugal Child's Play

A favorite book of mine is I Love Dirt, which provides 52 ideas on how to get outside and play with kids no matter the season.  Today, after sleeping in to fend off a harsh Spring cold, I took to the yard with my daughter for some gardening.  We literally dug into the dirt. For longtime readers of the blog you may note a change in casting, my gardening partner this summer tends to be our daughter.  Last year it was my son.  Her desire to copy my every move has propelled her to shun her high maintenance tendencies.  Our son has sprouted a significant fear of wasps, and is avoiding the garden.  I hope to see that fade over the summer, but for today it was my daughter and I outdoors planting a rainbow.

Peppers, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, onions and strawberries ready to grow!

It was also a day of memories.  We are adding many pots and bird feeders that once graced my mother's yard.  The sting of her absence hits me most in my garden, she always found the strength to walk around with me to see what flowers we were planting.  Before selling her home later this year, I hope to dig up and transplant some of the many perennials I will always associate with my mom.  And in that process forge new memories with my own children.

If frugal living appeals to you, and there is a young child in your life, considering gardening.  Give them a hand shovel and a specific place to dig.  They'll fill water jugs and sprinkle where directed.  Challenge them to find ways to reuse materials in the garden, from flower pots to bird feeders, items can be given a second life. Kids marvel at what lies beneath stones, and they'll likely cause you to slow down yourself and smell the roses.  It's good for their health, good for the earth, and not too harsh on the pocketbook.

 Transplanted rhubarb, gift of UU friends last summer.....and it's back for another year of giving!

Crock holding flower was my mom's.

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