Sunday, May 4, 2014

Frugal Homemade Greeting Cards -- Meet Le Artiste

Mailing greeting cards in the mail is a pleasure I enjoy in life, likely formed during the four years I worked for a local Hallmark chain.  The frugal part of me cringes at the prices on most greeting cards, and that wasted they generate.  Thankfully I have an artist in the family, who at age 3 and 3/4s is more than happy to create away.

According to my husband, preschool drop off involves her making a b-line to the art table.  She brushes off his good-byes and gets started on "her art".  Hours later, when I arrive for pick-up, there she is at the art table.  Usually her hair is deranged, a pant leg askew, and from top to bottom there are smudges of ink, paint, glue, and the stray sticker clinging like a bug.  Her passion for creation does not end with the school day, but takes on a new phase at home.  It makes for the perfect compliment to my cooking creations.  Mama is at the stove, daughter at the kitchen table.

This is from her Rainbow series.

This weekend the medium was paint.  Combined with blank card stock (50 count, recycled paper, for $5.00) we are now set for upcoming birthdays and Mother's Day.  Lesson?  If you have a frugal child in or around your life, work with the creative energy to create homemade cards.  From cutting out pictures and gluing them to cardstock to tracing holiday trees out of huge school projects, the potential is endless.  And if you do not have a child artist in your life, but would like access to the creative art, let me know.  With two the amount produced is mind boggling.

Thanks for reading!  A frugal life is filled with joy, independence, healthy choices, and the comfort of living below your means.  We are always looking for inspiration, so leave a comment if you have an idea to share.

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  1. Awww! Your little one has paint all over her arms. That is so adorable. Haha! I would definitely have her make me homemade cards as well. They sell them expensively in bookstores, right? I'd definitely rather spend a few small change for paint and paper and have them done in a thrifty way. Plus, the greeting cards can be customized too if they were homemade. :)

    Hoa Bracken @ Master Copy Print