Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fun Filled Frugal Saturday

Some days you have to throw your original plans aside and go with the moment.  Originally I had planned to take the Honda in, with the kids, for an oil change.  Feeling the resistance to two preschoolers on a Saturday I decided to call and re-schedule the appointment.  The sun was out (finally) and a long list of indoor errands quickly evaporated.  

Following my lead, my husbanded delayed his departure to work.  He would stay with the kids while I made our monthly run to the large, yet frugal, Woodman's grocery.  The sun kept most of Madison away, and without the kids, I was in and out in under an hour.  At the core, I have a hard time paying two times as much for products I know I can get at Woodmans.  But it is not easy to get to, take time, and is more chore than pleasure.  I limit the trip to once a month, and usually coordinate with a networking event held on a Thursday morning.  Too busy of a work schedule blew my original plan, but here I was, stocking up on Spanish Rice, Asian Noodles, Fair Trade Coffee and breakfast sausage.

Riding my high of getting things done I opted to stop at Golde's Futon's.  The original plan had been to bring the kids with me, and afterwards do the Woodman's shopping.  But here I was, and I am delighted  that I changed the plan. Without the kids I executed a frugal purchase in under 15 minutes.  Monday evening her futon bed will be delivered for a fee of $55.  A basic pine frame and standard full-size mattress cost just under $300.  I guarantee, when we need new bedding (it is more than just futons) I will be visiting Joe here at Golde's.  The comments I received on my Facebook post (if you lived in Madison and needed a futon, where would you go? to which I received at least 6 pro-Golde's comments) delivered.  And now I am a fan -- shop here, they are the "last of the Mom and Pop stores".  Great prices, quality items, and excellent customer service.

In the midst of this shopping flurry I received a message from some frugal friends of ours -- were we still interested in going to Wollersheim Winery, located north of Madison.  My husbanded opted to skip out on work (the upside of being self-employed).  A few hours later the adults enjoyed samples of wine and brandy, we picked up two bottles, the limit; one for my husband's cabinet, the other a gift.  The kids climbed the hills like the little critters they are.  And fun was had by all.

At home there was a quick and simple meal, no take-out tonight.  Dad handled bedtime stories while I put my feet to use and walked to the Walgreens just south of our house.  The walk put a little more umph in my effort to be "more active", and I was able to pick up art supplies and photos we needed for the preschool this next week.

And that was our frugal fun with friends this Saturday.  How was your day?  Leave a comment and inspire (to leave a comment click on the "no comment" or if there are comments "3 comments" below; sign on to Google, etc., write and hit post).

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