Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day in a Frugal Home

Once again, the gift of the day was time.  Time spent together, tending to our home, our garden, sharing meals.  No rushing off anywhere.  No fancy clothes or brunch out.  A husband fixing breakfast, lunch thrown together from leftovers, dinner from the crockpot.  Simple, easy, healthy.  That was the day in this frugal home.

I did venture out for a solo errand while my husband and kids finished putting together the futon that is now our daughter's big girl bed.  The garden center was my destination.  Missing Johansen's which went out of business last year; the plants were of amazing quality, excellent selection, and a place I remember going with my mom as a child.  Both the store and my mom are gone......heavy heart as that reality seeps in.  I did return home with some pepper plants, geraniums, marigolds, a melon plant, purple cabbage and a few pansies.  Mother's Day was largely spent it my kitchen and the garden, surrounded by my wee ones.  No other gift matters.  Although the handprint butterfly and painted mug the childrens' preschool helped them create this past week brought tears to my eyes.

Looking ahead on the calendar we also purchased plane tickets for our trip to Seattle later this year.  We made either a very frugal decision or a crazy one.  Saving more than $200/ticket (or $800 for those doing the math) we opted to get a direct.....from Minneapolis.  The hard part is getting into the car, not a four hour drive to the airport said my husband.  A four hour car drive to save the money and avoid changing planes and potential mishaps with a by then 6 and 4 year old in tow was worth it.....or so we hope.  A car reservation was made, priced against another deal once it showed an additional $150 in fees, and so we are trying something new.  Stay tuned for details and how it husband took the lead on the car rental.

That's it for now from this frugal home.   No pictures today......I'll get some up of the garden soon.  Now I'm off to read bedtime stories to the children.  Yes, actual books.  We have shunned the ipad/tablet use in our house, and when recently exposed to one both said "it was neat, but kind of boring, we love hearing you read".  Sigh and a relief, those things are not inexpensive.

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