Monday, May 12, 2014

National Geographic's Smart Travel Book.....Note Quite Frugal Enough

It was a library book, one that left me so unimpressed that I wanted to make sure it was returned today on the due date and avoid any late fees.  That tells you what I thought about the book.  I'm certain it is fine for someone, just not this someone.  The one gem I took from the book was to always get three sources to verify a review, do not trust one opinion.  Nice journalistic approach, and a nice reminder.  The only problem, what one person likes I may not.  The book was worth a quick thumb through, but not one I would purchase and keep in my own reference library.  I've learned more about frugal travel by reading a fellow bloggers blog, The Other Side of the Ocean.  Take a look if you want a true frugal approach to travel -- beware, she hikes, shops at farmers markets and avoids anything touristy while travel.  If Disney World or a cruise applies to you, then so might How To Be The World's Smartest Traveler (and save time, money and hassle) by Christopher Elliot - National Geographic Travel Expert.

And now off to the library before it closes!

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