Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Over the Fence....

Feeding the Curb Karma paid off over the weekend.  While in the backyard with my daughter I heard our neighbor (who is also a 3rd or 4th cousin) shout out my name "Melinda, can the children use these?"  And there she stood with two adorable children's chairs.  "Why yes, they'll work well in their rooms!"  Which they did.  Our daughter uses her's to play school with her lovies, and our son has a new seat at the Lego/Puzzle table in his room.  I will never understand why so many people complain about the cost of children.  Agreed, child care, quality care, is pricey.  But from clothes to toys to furniture it is possible to raise a child with buying little to nothing if you are open to reusing cast offs from an older generation.  After nearly 6 years of this approach to life I am happy to report our impact on the earth has been minimal and their college funds are robust.  That is the upside of frugal living.

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