Monday, May 26, 2014

Payoff from Delay

Months after its release, our family of four finally saw The Lego Movie today.  Many may think that the movie has come and gone, but it showed up at our local budget theatre.  Being a long weekend, we had some extra time and opted to take the kids to see a movie in a theatre.  At just shy of ages 6 and 4, this was the second time we've gone to the movies.  We do not watch a lot of movies, and the ones we do are either free DVDs from the library or on Amazon Prime.

Today our delay paid off.  Total cost of admission was $10 for the four of us, and we splurged with popcorn and a soda for the adults, adding another $10.25 to the bill.  A huge savings when compared to a cousin of mine who saw the film with her family when it first released, paying for the huge Imax screen, with a total of about $75.  Today, delay paid off.

We enjoyed the experience but are not likely to repeat it soon.  The movie was a bit too much for our kids -- too much hype, too much violence, etc.  That will be nice for our budget, health, and planet earth.  The size of a soda was mind boggling.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week.

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