Thursday, May 8, 2014

Recipe for a Frugal Birthday

Looking for a frugal way to celebrate a loved ones birthday?  Follow our steps as we celebrated my husband's last year of his 30s:

  1. Enjoy nature.  While the kids were at school, we hiked around an amazing Wisconsin State Park, Devil's Lake.  In fact, we went there on his birthday the first year we met.  Happy times!
  2. Make homemade birthday cards.  Yes, I still have plenty from our daughter's Rainbow series, featured here earlier in the week.
  3. Cook dinner at home. Once the kids were in bed it was time to stir fry pork and veggies served with soba noodles.
  4. Bake the birthday dessert (in this case it was oatmeal chocolate chip cookies).
  5. Give the gift of time and nothing else.  When you are both self-employed and you both take a day off from work, it means something.  Time was given today, not one single tangible gift.
Being efficient with time, I'll close with two photos from the day.  Remember, the gift of time is far more valuable than anything you'll find on a shelf.

 The other half of this frugal home, my husband!

Dinner in progress!

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