Saturday, May 24, 2014

Reflections and a Frugal Use of Rhubarb

So, I've missed a few days of posting here on frugal.  Some days time runs short and the need for sleep trumps the need to write.  Yet, I am still living as frugal as is sustainable these days.  Balancing a legal practice, my husband's growing engineering business, a marriage, two young children, and the emptying of my mother's home combined with daily necessities -- time is my greatest commodity.  As such, I am making decisions based on what is the best use of my time, not necessarily money.  I will pay for ease and for a little pampering here and there.

Thursday night I received my first pedicure.  The package, for four, was purchased by yours truly a few weeks ago at a silent auction.  It was a night out, a bit of pampering, and a much needed use of my time.  The price tag probably wasn't what some would call frugal, it was at a full-on salon, not a beauty school.  But the next day I had a little more bounce in my step and was far more productive at work.  Time -- be frugal with it as well!

Today featured a swim, a few hours at my mom's where I said "take it if you can use it or sell it" aware that anyone willing to haul away items would save me both time and money.  In a few weeks a company will come in for the heavy lifting -- literally.  The basement is full of non-functional relics.  Once home it was chores around the house with the kids while my husband was at his office, in fact, where he still is as I type.  Frugal living allows us both the ability to be our own bosses, which creates a lot of freedom.....and sometimes long days.  The kids and I tackled with lawn with our push mower, watered the perennials and vegetables, and then watched a DVD on loan from the library.  All in all a quiet day on a busy holiday weekend.

I'll close with a link to a post I did last May, which includes my recipe for Rhubarb Compote.  It freezes well and tastes delightful on oatmeal during the long cold winter months here in Wisconsin.  Check it out if you are harvesting from your own garden or eyeing it at a farmers' market stand.

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