Thursday, May 1, 2014

Staying Frugal - Free Continuing Legal Ed at the Dane County Courthouse

May 1st, which means it is both May Day and Law Day.  Here in Madison the courthouse held various events, of which I attended two fantastic continuing legal education seminars.  Seated beside me was my associate.  Were we thankful for the great coffee, informative materials, and the free cost.  Keeping overhead expenses low (we are both required to take 30 hours, each, of continuing legal ed every two years) so that we can provide reasonably priced legal service.  Free CLEs is one of the many ways I am frugal at the office.

There was a quick stop at Trader Joes and then around the corner to pick the kids up from preschool. Once home I turned some leftover chicken in Chicken Chili, and then headed out to dinner with my Book Club With a Twist.  Yet another great night of discussing recent reads (we talk about what we've read, there is no one book that we all read -- no pressure feels great) and how we find frugal books (free little libraries, regular libraries, gifts, thrift stores, etc.).

Home again for the night I turned to my phone to take down the five messages that had gathered in my flurry of afternoon activity.  Couched between client calls and a call related to my mother's estate was one from a Frugal Upside reader.  A smile spread across my face to hear the voice of someone who enjoys this blog, expressed sympathy for the loss of my mom, and asked -- how does one post a comment on your blog?  I took a look at the site, and I agree, it is not obvious.  Here are some tips, let me know if they work by leaving a comment.

  • Take the cursor to the bottom of this post and hover over "no comments" or if there are comments it will say "2 comments" (or whatever number of comments there are).  Hover, then click.
  • The screen should modify to a comment section.  Note, you need to be signed in via Google, Yahoo or another option.  Explore those options and use what fits.
  • Write your thoughts to share and then hit publish.
Thanks again for following my frugal path through life.  Frugal does not need to be dreary or a burden, but rather a liberating way of living -- good for your wallet, your health and the planet.


  1. It is not easy to post to your blog. I am sure others are having the same difficulty. I have tried a few times.

    Want to say I always read your book recommendations. I read "Final Rights: Reclaiming the American Way of Death" last summer and learned SO MUCH. I actually enjoyed reading the various state laws and to find out it is possible to actually bury someone in my other unknown tidbits.

    Here is an excellent book on frugality I read a while ago that I think you may like. This is a downloadable version from the local library. It is also in hard copy.

    Also, interested to know more about the book club you mentioned in this post. Is it open to new members and where do they meet? Would enjoy not having to read the same books as everyone else.

    Enjoy your blog!

    1. Thanks for the comment and book suggestion -- I will take a look at it! If you can email me at I can tell you more about Book Club With a Twist. As for the comments on blogspot, it is up to the company to configure......beyond my power. But I'll make an effort to more routinely mention how to comment. Thanks for reading!