Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Think You Are Frugal? Ever Order An Urn Off of Amazon?

Yes, I am so frugal that I ordered an urn for my mother's ashes off of Amazon.  In fact, I think it was Amazon Prime, meaning I paid no shipping.  With the click of a few keys I made my selection and directed it to be delivered to the funeral home.  Did you know you could do that? Did you know you would pay about 1/3 of the prices at a funeral home?  Because my work days are spent as an estate planning and probate attorney I did thanks to a book I once read about funeral consumer rights.  On average we will plan one to two funerals in our lifetime (I am 40 and have already planned two, one for each parent).  Informed would be an accurate adjective for me in this area.  It is possible to direct order an urn or even a coffin and have it delivered to the funeral home of your choice.  And it is one way to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Thankfully I never had to worry if my parents would have cringed at such behavior, just the opposite, they would have been proud of my thrifty ways.  It was a family tradition.  If you have thoughts on ways to save at funerals or memorials (I have more, they'll show up eventually) please share.  To leave a comment click on the word comment below, sign in, and hit post when you are done composing.

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  1. Great post! I have been looking for an acceptable "urn" to be used for my ashes. I have been looking at thrift stores and garage sales. I want my ashes thrown to the wind so why spend big bucks on an "official" urn. I believe in planning ahead!