Wednesday, June 25, 2014

1950s Style Lawn Care

She does not have a name, but she should.  Earlier this Spring, as we cleared out the possessions at my childhood home, I could have brought over a gas mower, hardly used by my parents, to cut our lawn.  It was given to a friend as a gesture of thanks instead.  Why pass up a free, modern machine?  This trusty gal requires no gasoline, she is self-propelled.  Maintenance consists of a blade sharpening every year or so, depending on how often we cut the grass.  No oil, belts, bags -- just a blade, hopping toads, and energy from the ice cream I have enjoyed this summer.  If you are seeking a frugal path in life, consider bringing a self-propelled mower into your yard.  No trips to the gas station, no messy oil, a noise level that is not deafening, and a great way to burn off some calories.  It's good for the earth, your wallet and your health.

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