Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's Summer Solstice Time!

Greetings from Wisconsin's North Woods.  We are on our annual trek to Bayfield, Wisconsin.  Yet again, amazed by how much we can pack into the trunk and backseat of our 2005 Honda Civic.  The condo we rent is not cheap, but comes with a full kitchen, gas grill, and washer/dryer.  That means we bring few clothes, lots of food from the home kitchen, and save.  Days spent wandering this coastal town, time at the park and maritime museum.  Meals in the comfort of our home away from home.  Some my blush at the $250/night fee.....but we basically only pay for the room.  And to boot, we get free coffee.  That is a huge savings for this caffeine addicted author.

Happy solstice, welcome to summer one and all.  What frugal ways do you plan to enjoy the season of the sun?

Give us a free beach, logs, and time.  That's all we need to entertain these kids!

My trusty Eddie Bauer Backpack.  Purchased in 1991 when I started college.  from text books to parenting gear, it has given me over two decades of reliable use.  That is a frugal purchase!

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