Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Motivating Headline - The Danger of Plastic

Adjusting back to the normal rhythm of life here in Madison, grocery shopping is on the list.  And after reading this headline from a local news source, I will be certain to bring along my reusable cloth bags.  It is a sobering reminder that our oceans are suffering from our upstream ways.  Whether it is the earth, your health, or your money, if you do not already "cloth bag it", consider giving it a start.  When heading out to the following, bring along a bag or two:

  • grocery store,
  • library,
  • garage sale,
  • thrift store,
  • Big Box store such as Target or Wal-Mart,
  • beach/park/nature outing, or
  • pharmacy.
And think outside the box when it comes to a reusable bag: backpacks, canvas bags, paper bags from the grocery, and more!  Here is my trusty Eddie Bauer, circa 1991.  Enjoy the frugal path, I know I am!

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