Monday, June 30, 2014

Out With the Old, In With the New...

Today's frugal move happened on the office front.  Thanks to Craigs List my old laser printer has a new home, and my business checking account has an additional $75 in it!  A few weeks ago the quality of printing from my 8,000 pages per toner Brother printer was no longer acceptable.  After all, I charge people money for paper (for those new to Frugal Upside, I am an estate planning and probate attorney) and it should look perfect.  Smudges are not acceptable.  So, out it went.  The new model was the exact same one, purchased for $350.  I'll get the amazing 8,000 pages per toner and no learning curve since it is the same model.  It took a few weeks, but the wonder that is Craigs List landed the old one in the office of an in-home daycare. Likely a perfect fit.

Other frugal developments at the office are in action now.  Hard decisions.  Honest review of numbers.  And the ever present question, am I spending my time as wisely as I could be?   More on those decisions later. But in a nutshell the changes were not easy, but in my gut I know I am on the proper path, one that will lead me to spend not only my money, but my time wisely.

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