Friday, June 27, 2014

Saying Good-Bye to Duplicate Checks

Just now I was reminded of a funny little statement my husband made a week or so ago.  A new box of checks had arrived in the mail, and I pointed out that they were no longer duplicates.  We would have to make sure to record the check in Quicken or look it up on-line, via the image, the credit union provides.  He made a face, knowing he is rather absent minded and said "really, I like those duplicate checks, it's worth the little bit of paper waste..." When I pointed out that we get one free box of checks a year for our account (they also give me one free a year for my business account), but that free no longer includes duplicates, his response -- "goodness, I do not like them enough to pay for them".  And with that our frugal home enters the world of non-duplicate checks.  Considering we get one box free a year and there is no charge to generate an on-line check, we gravitate towards that option whenever possible.  No cost for the check, and no postage. My only concern is that the payment is not always obvious to the recipient.

That's all I have from the frugal landscape of my life today.  More to come later, now it is off to work I go, hi-ho, hio.....enjoy your Friday everyone.

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