Monday, June 23, 2014

Travel Size Heading Home - The Frugal Life

I will admit it, I am not ashamed to to share with the world the fact that when packing up to head home after vacation I will toss the half-used shampoo and lotion bottles into my suitcase.  Would you?  Why leave them behind?  They came with the cost of the room, and we pay a nice price for a literal home away from home (full kitchen, washer/dryer), and would the rest of the bottle ever be used?  Likely not.  Most likely for hygienic reasons it would be dropped into the trash.  Save it!  Save some money, save the earth, and put a smile on your face.

Thanks for following along.  Back to Madison we go today, via the public library in Land O Lakes, Wisconsin where I am doing a book reading.  Yes, it was a traveling vacation.  Three book readings and a document drop off for a client at the county courthouse in Washburn.  To some that may not sound like much of a vacation, but to these frugal ears it deduction for mileage and at least some if not all of the lodging.   Now that is a frugal vacation!

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