Thursday, June 12, 2014

Waste Nothing, Welcome to My Frugal Kitchen

Two nights a week our older child has karte lessons after school (see a prior post on how we got $500 in lessons for $100). That means two nights a week we need a simple dinner, because by the time we arrive back home I have two very tuckered kiddos. Many nights I opt for eggs, especially now that the local farmers' markets are reviving up.  Eggs pair well with some many veggies and or fruits.  Into the compost bin go the shells, and that paper egg carton too.  We do go through a lot of eggs here, so most weeks I send a few empty cartons to the preschool where they re-emerge as art projects.  My goal, keep as much from going to the curb as possible. I do have a new idea for reuse of the cartons, but it may be season specific -- using them as planters for seeds.  I've seen folks fill them with dirt, add seeds, water and place in the sun.  My guess is that only works during traditional growing months -- is it too late?  I'd love to try lavender from seed -- two of my three plants did not survive the polar vortex of the past winter.  Seed is far more affordable than the lovely, mature plants at the greenhouses!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the frugal path.

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