Sunday, June 29, 2014

Welcome to the Jungle - Adventures in our Frugal Garden

Above average rainfall, moderate temperatures -- I have just described ideal growing conditions for weeds. Our return from Bayfield brought us home to growth, amazing growth in all corners of the yard.  Homeowners twice removed put in landscaped gardens in our yard.  Left unattended for too long and combined with the recent weather, my yard conjures up images of the song Welcome to the Jungle.  Wanting to keep costs and chemical use low, I am seeking frugal ways (both time and money) to tame the yard.

To my delight I found a post from the Larry Meiller show with some great suggestions.  The obvious is to live with weeds -- basically a plant that simply takes over, but can be lovely.  My two pronged approach going forward is pulling large amounts of weeds, and putting in "paths".  For the later we'll use cardboard, carpet, etc., and then cover with mulch to create more space among the plants. Wish me luck, and I welcome any suggestions.  Both children have mid to late summer birthdays, and we'll be having small gatherings at our home.  I would like the yard to be spruced up a bit before the parties!

 Strawberries in a pot -- I am thinking of transplanting them at the 
end of the season, to a permanent spot in the yard.

 Asparagus hidden among the Jungle Weeds

Even my potted peppers are not free of invasive growth!  What a summer!

A little sampler of the Guns and Roses song Welcome to the Jungle.

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