Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bike Envy

Construction season has taken my home city of Madison, Wisconsin by storm.  Above is the daily maze I must navigate to deliver and retrieve my children from preschool.  It is housed in the basement of the church you can see in the far back center of the photo.  Amidst the clamor, dust, mud, beeping, and side steeping I find myself asking "why do I drive so much, why do we all drive so much?"  This mess is to keep the cars humming along, but what if there were no cars?

For many years my husband did not own a car, just two pedal bikes.  One for summer, the other for winter. A first child did not even force him into vehicle ownership.  Nor a second child's arrival.  It was the nature of his work, having to be on site at several different client locations, that necessitated the purchase of our 2nd vehicle.  Sadly, he is entrenched in navigating via Mazda.  And here I am, coveting those who set up life to allow biking, bus, and foot for transportation.  How can I have more of that, yet still have time to get to work on time and not uproot our entire life?

Suggestions are welcome as I ponder this question.  Now I am going to sign off and walk for errands before piling them in my Honda trunk, and then driving to retrieving the kids for a construction wonderland (insert another word of choice if earth movers are not your thing).  Thanks for reading, and enjoy your 4th of July!

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