Monday, July 21, 2014

Efficiency At The Corner Of A Frugal Life

Most posts here on Frugal Upside focus on what I do in my daily life to be frugal.  Some include quips and practices from my husband, who is also frugal. Today I turn the focus on him directly, and literally.

When an inexpensive pair of sunglasses breaks, he does not toss them out and head to the dollar store. Nope, he pulls out the crazy glue and fixes those dollar store shades.  Twice.  Yes, he has glued this pair back together two times now.  He says after the third time he will break down and get a new pair.  They work just fine, all they need is a little adhesive, which he keeps handy in a kitchen drawer.

The fix is a vertical line, on top, aligned with his nose!

And then there is the subject of his cell phone.  Having lived without one until late in 2005, he is very reluctant to buy the latest and greatest phone.  Just recently his old carrier, a regional one, announced they were going out of business.  He was forced to go with a new plan, and with it received 4G service.  His phone however is still at 3G, or as I type I think it might actually be a 2G.  Oh well, the phone still works and he sees no need to replace it.  The model was purchased on-line, and had default settings for Ireland.  The price was right, and did not require a trip to a mall store.  No financing was needed, it was basic, it worked, it was frugal.

Thinking what's the big deal, lots of us use okay phones and service plans that are becoming outdated.  Sure. But how many of us are electrical engineers with a masters in digital signal processing that spend our days designing and building circuits boards that make all those snazzy tech devices work?  My husband is, yet he uses old technology.  He can design the very brain of these tech devices, but will not part with them, or the money to buy the latest and greatest, until the old one has been used up.  And then he will sell it on Ebay where it will head to Mexico or Africa for another life.  That my friends, is frugal.

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