Sunday, July 13, 2014

Focused at the Mall

Yes, you read that correctly.  I was at a mall today, shockin!  The mission to replace our washer took us to Sears; we were gathering "data points" on the cost of a new washing machine.  More on that process in a future post, the purchase is still playing out.  But, we were at Sears.  The sign for $2.99 t-shirts caught my eye -- that is the price of a thrift store, and white is nearly impossible to find unstained at thrift stores.  I snatched up three: white, cream and brown -- perfect for work or play.  Off to the register I went, and because my husband was along on this trip, he focused on the kids.  I focused on the cashier. And good think I did because the scanned price was $8.99, not $2.99.  I pointed this out, she dispatched another teller to confirm, and with the nod of a head the price was re-entered for the posted amount. Lesson learned -- always have focus at the register.  Paying in cash had me focused on what the total would be -- paying with credit often leads to swiping a card without confirming the price.  Oh, and if they offer you the hangers for free -- take them, I did.  Our little ones enjoy pulling their own clothes off the hooks.  However, they are a tad short and more often than not snap a plastic hanger.  So I left with new t-shirts at thrift store prices and free hangers.  That was my frugal move of the day.  And as I said, tune in later for our frugal approach to a washing machine acquisition.

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