Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Foot Power: Healthier Me, Earth and Wallet

Lugging my Honda Civic on errands is not my first choice, but for too long it has been my autopilot.  Habit set in  motion with the arrival of our first child, reinforced with the birth of our second, and cemented when I adopted a far too strict time schedule for work.  I either had too much to schelp to do errands on foot, was purchasing insanely bulky items (two kids, both in diapers, plus cats need litter), or there simply wasn't time to leisurely walk for errands.

But, things change.  Both kids are out of diapers and attend preschool five full days a week.  My work load was drastically slashed when I opted to go back to flying solo in the world of estate planning.  Okay, we do still have three cats and the subsequent litter purchases, but today and going forward I am pretending I live in a cute little European town with a City Center for daily errands.

After dropping the kids off I park the Honda at my office.  The space is charming; bricked walls and southern facing windows looking over a fountain and garden.  The rent is inexpensive, and the location ideal, situated just on the edge of the Hilldale Mall campus.  Aimy for a daily walk before, between or after meetings, I tend to immediate needs, and not worry about too far off.

Stop one - farmers market.  Veggies to go with eggs for dinner.

Admire lovely flowers along the mall that I would have drive by had I been in the Honda.

Stop two - Target for allergy meds and the tomato soup my kids adore, rejecting all other kinds, including homemade.

Shrewd in the aisle, I figured that the 30 count Target Brand of allergy meds was $0.14 per tablet versus $0.16 if I bought the 100 count or more.  Never assume bulk is cheaper, run those numbers.  Pennies add up.

Stop three - Metcalfe's market for bread, bananas and a salad/soup bar for my lunch.  Reminder to self -- figure out a way for more time to brown bag healthy lunches.  Efforts impeded recently by older child's growth spurt.  He basically eats from 4pm to 10pm, not leaving much time in the kitchen to prep for the next day.

Stop four - post box, where I drop off mailings from the office.  Pick up is at 3pm, so they will go out today.  Then it was back to the office, do a quick post, and return my focus to a client.  After, on to pick up the kids and figure out how to keep feeding that growth spurt of our sons'.  An upside -- working in a little more walking/activity into my sedentary day, plus, no added gas costs for operating the Honda.

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