Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Frugal Birthday at Aldo Leopold Nature Center

It was a hit!  Inexpensive considering what $160 bought us.  Kids had a blast.  Enjoyed the outdoors.  And very low stress for the parents.  The cost included 10 kids; access to reusable cups, flatware, silverware, etc, table set up with decorations; two hour naturalist; gift bags for each guest; and coupons for free admission - two of them.

Here are a few photo highlights:

Gathering flowers on our nature walk, used later to build ferry nests in the woods.

Coupons on my coupon board, which we'll use on a day off from school.

Naturalist leading a walk to gather flowers and plants.

Corner of party room, set up for nature stories.

Other part of party room - perfect for food.

We brought in our own food - keeping it healthy and frugal.

Such a wise choice, and delighted we'll be back in about 3 weeks when our son turns 6.  He opted for the space themed party.  If you are local to Madison, give Aldo Leopold Nature Center consideration for hosting a child's party.  No stress on cleaning my house before, and then after.  No worries if a guest suffers from cat allergies; we have three cats.  And an idea setting to celebrate another spin around the sun in a way that does not overly tax Mother Earth (or a frugal Mama).  Thanks for reading!

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