Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Frugalista's Coffee Break

Work purposes took me to downtown Madison earlier today.  After my drop offs at the Register of Deeds and courthouse, I found myself with 45 minutes paid on the parking meter.  Cool and overcast, I opted to walk around the Square, a place I once went to daily when employed by a government service agency. While meandering, noting the new store fronts and my old favorites, I crossed paths with American Family DreamBank.  My first visit was on a "date night" with my frugal husband, who insisted we stop.  And oh I'm glad we did.  Not only does it featuring inspiration installations in a museum style, designed to fuel your inner dream, but they provide free coffee.  Perfect, I'll sip coffee and read a bit before picking up the kids.  And then I saw the note on the door - closed 3pm-6pm for a private party.  Of course, the clock on my phone informed me it was 3:02, too late.

I kept wandering, remembered a Barriques on the corner near my car AND the Belly Card in my wallet, granting me a free beverage at Barriques.  Off I went, obtaining my Magnum Cafe au Lait, squeezing in a few pages of my current library loan.  And that is how a frugalista enjoys a coffee break, or at least it was today.

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