Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Want It For Free? Seek Used, Offer Money, and Likely Get It For Free

Over the weekend I tossed an idea out on social media.  Using both the Facebook page for our neighborhood association as well as my own page, I asked if anyone had booster seats (for kids use in the car) that they'd be willing to sell.  My thinking was it would be less than the cost of new and save me a trip to the store.  I did not expect to see so many offers of "free, just take it off our hands".  And that is how we obtained two booster seats for our daughter, who is poised to leave the 5-point harness seat behind later this month.  Before using I will check the models for recalls, etc.  It is amazing what others will simply handover.  Being thankful, I plan to do the same with the little kid and baby items that we are done with here in our frugal home.

This strategy of ask for used, offer a small amount, and likely end up with it for free works well for:

  • perennials
  • kids clothing, toys, etc.,
  • items for the garden,
  • miscellaneous household items (nails, pans, hangers, etc.)
Freecycle sites are great, but cover a large area.  Consider social media limited to the folks you know or who live in your immediate area.  You'll reduce the pool yes, but also the pool of others seeking an item. That is all I have from this frugal corner of the world -- how about you?

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