Thursday, August 28, 2014

Coupon Miss, then Coupon Hit

After a picturesque hour and a half of outdoor play at Spring Harbor Beach and Playground, the kids and I piled into the Honda and headed to Windsor.  As the skies clouded over, we were happy to have a coupon for 2 for 1 entry at Bouncy Town.  We'd been there last summer, and it left an impression.  We pulled up and bam -- reality hit me.  Before driving this far, relying on a coupon, make sure the place is still in business.
Deflated literally and figuratively, we switched to plan B.  I agreed to take the kids to the indoor playland at McDonalds.  Then the breaks start to squeal.  Louder than they had been, this Mama realized they needed attention ASAP.  One quick call to our repair shop, and we were off and running.  Within minutes of arrival we learned the front breaks were out, and for $350 and 1.5 hours wait, the car would be as good as new.

What to do?  Thankfully I had grabbed coupons off the counter before leaving for our day of adventure.  Tucked inside was 20% off a meal at Ihop, a place the kids had never been to before.  It was a five minute walk from the repair shop, and with borrowed umbrella in hand we set off from Plan C for the day.

We took the back way back to the repair shop, and spent another 45 minutes burning off the Ihop goodies at a local park.  My mission to spend time with kids, mainly outdoors, and burn off some kiddo energy was complete.

Frugal lessons of the day: 1) travel with your coupon stash, just in case a change of plans are needed; and 2) call ahead before driving 20 minutes or more to a location -- businesses come and go, do not waste time, gas and money until you know the place is still operational.

Playground memories in the making.  Better than any indoor bounce town in this Frugal Mama's opinion.

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