Saturday, August 16, 2014

Don't Fall for "Free" Offers

Sometime a year or so ago I saw a line of people in downtown Madison.  Lines there are not unusual, however, this one was.....everyone person was holding or carrying some version of a coffee pot.  Turns out the line was for "free" Keurig pots.  Give us your old one, we'll give you a new one, and the hope was that people would focus on the free expensive pot and not the logical question of how much more expensive those little cups of coffee are compared to bulk coffee.  Now if you drink a cup here and there, this may not be a big difference in cost, but for our house it is.  We drink pots, not cups.

So it is no surprise to me to see a headline announcing the price spike of the cups, going up 9 percent.  Sure all coffee prices are going up, but the cups offer less selection in variety. And we all now bulk is usually more cost effective.

My point -- free is never usually free.  There is some cost, likely hidden.  Find it, analyze it, and then make a decision.

Life here has been frugal, but extremely hectic leaving little to no time to blog about frugal ways.  That should be changing, back to more time to post.  Thanks for sticking with me during quiet times!

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