Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Farmers' Market Frugal

Wednesday, the day of the local market at my office.  There was no office for me, I took the day off from legal matters.  My little ones have their last days as a Buckaroo and Wizard at their preschool and will be leaving school early today for a meet and greet at our son's elementary school.  During their time at the school, I tended to errands.  They will be with me at home until school starts next Tuesday -- one can cross a lot off a to-do list when one does not have a 6 and 4 year old along for the ride.  Since my office is between home and the school, it was market day as usual.  Two bags full, less than $20 spent.

From this selection will emerge a frugal dinner for tonight.  Scrambled eggs (not from the market), cream of cauliflower soup and zucchini bread.  Fresh, tasty, and frugal.

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