Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Live Frugally, Pay for Delivery

Time -- my most precious commodity.  The one I am focused on saving the most at the moment.  Having children ages 6 and 4 reminds me that time is passing with a blink of an eye.  Today we are readying them for kindergarten and 4K, tomorrow it will be college campus visits.  And this Frugal Mama wants to save not only money, but time. Time I can focus on them, on life, on health, on marriage, and myself.

As a result I often pay for delivery.  Recent case example, paying $5.50 for a cat's medication prescription to be mailed to our house.  Instead of spending an hour, round trip, driving to our kindhearted and frugal vet, I paid for postage.  An hour to play in the yard with the kids, an hour to cook a meal, an hour to read a book, or an hour spent billing at my office.

If time were endless, I'd probably make the drive down to Oregon, throw in a walk at the park or a meal out, something. But time is not endless.  And when the work/school day ends, the kids and I are both fairly tuckered out.  Strapping ourselves into the Honda to make a trip that the US Postal service already does? No, it just does not make sense.

Want to live frugally?  Look for ways to acquire what you need via mail order.  From Amazon Prime to a vet willing to mail medications, I save time.  And spend both my dollars and hours wisely.

And now I'm off to enjoy the kids' (as well as my) favorite TV show, Wild Kratts, free on PBS.

Our most "senior" cat, Reilly, age 16.  
Showing is cat disdain for the racket of his human brother and sister. 

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