Sunday, August 3, 2014

State Park Beach Bum

Neighborhood pools, community pools, city pools....they surround us here in Madison.  But this lifelong Madisonian and frugal Mama prefers the inexpensive and endlessly creative beaches of the State Parks.  Admission is free all year long for a fraction of paying to frolic in the water.  And most of those venues are a little to clean and far too restrictive.  Cannot bring your own food, etc.  And I'm certain finger paints would be a no no.

Here are a few pictures taken this morning at Governor Nelson State Park, where the kids and I explored, talked, and took it all in (while my husband is at the house, poor guy).

We started with "art" -- finger paints and canvas my daughter received for her 4th birthday.  Creating outdoors is ideal, and keeps the kitchen clean.

Then to the water's edge.  They splashed, dug, built, and discussed how water seeks its source.  Tributaries, dams, floods, and pollution were all part of the conversation.  Powerful talk about keeping our waters clean while we played on the water.

Later my son placed a stick in the center, declaring it the Towns Temple.  Again, great conversation about communities and religion.  All sprinkled into the sand conversation, they had no idea we were talking about such heavy subjects.

And the end.....we'll be back here, and hope to explore the other Wisconsin State Parks.  We have no pool membership, and I think I plan to keep it that way.  This was simply too much fun!

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