Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Ahoy (Frugal) Mama"

From toilet paper roll to spy glass, loved the creative play our youngest child explored as we walked up to gather her brother from the neighborhood public school.  Spy glass, pirate girl, taking in her surroundings -- all at not "toy" expense.  Kids can turn the most mundane into the most creative. Think kids educational toys are expensive?  Think again.

When she is done it will go into the preschool donation pile (for their art table) or my compost bin.  Either way, it's usefulness will continue.  That's how we roll in our frugal house.

For those following along, we are one week in to using the neighborhood public school, and are delighted with the experience.  Maybe we needed that difficult private school drama to fully appreciate the magic of Madison public schools.

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