Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Control Clutter & Calm the Chaos

This past Sunday I attended a service at Prairie UU where the speaker was from a local Buddhist group.  Her topic was happiness, and she made an excellent point -- how can you be happy when you are drowning in stuff.  Agreed!  And the perfect inspiration for this week.  While my husband does his electronics engineering thing abroad, I took an extended break from client meetings to focus on our wee ones and doing a little Spring Cleaning (yes, I know it is Fall).  Out with the old, and hold off on the new!

Part of my chaos control is to find a home for everything.  This forces me to hold an item and ask, do we really need/want this?  If so, where shall it live in our home?  If not, it get's donated either to the kids preschool or the Patron Saint of Clutter -- Savers (the Buddhist nun prefers Saint Vincent de Paul).

During this process I had to ask myself, seriously, how many bottles of acetaminophen do we own? Answer, 2 too many.  And I can easily surmise this by glancing at the second shelf to the right of the stove.  It is the new, permanent home to all over-the-counter medications.

How do you control clutter?  Calming the chose gives you an appropriate inventory of what you own and what you do not.  Why spend money on an item that is already tucked away in the back closet. Out of sight, out of mind means money out of your wallet.  If you are like me you'd rather have a heftier emergency fund, gaining interest, than an inventory rivalving a corner store.

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