Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Frugal Twilight Walk...

Laced up my walking shoes and zipped up my fleece for an evening stroll to the Office Depot last night. In my pocket were the two loyalty credits sent to me on a quarterly basis.  Totally $50, I was off, via foot, to buy 1,000 self-sealing envelopes for my legal practice.  Not needed until January when I sent out an annual newsletter to 2,000+ households, I wanted to get them for "free" now and have them on hand.  Coupons, walking instead of driving the Honda, earbuds in with some Brad Paisley, it was a perfect frugal.

On the return trip the sun was down, twilight was upon me, and out of the corner of my eye -- movement on the edge of the wooded research park that is two blocks from my house.  Instantly my mind said - doe!  I stopped, focused my eyes, and then my jaw dropped.  No, it was not  doe but rather a very tall and proud coyote who stopped and looked intently in my direction.  There I stood, and then s/he turned and went into the cover of the trees.  On a busy city intersection, mother nature holds on.  Madison awed me yet again.  And that is the upside of opting to walk to use coupons for office supplies.  Good for my wallet, my health, and my appreciation of Mother Nature.

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