Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Making The Most of a Gift Basket

Recently we returned home to find a gift basket on the doorstep.  From a vendor my husband had ordered from for his electronics design practice.  Most of the time the thank yous are gift cards for Starbucks, which never go to waste.

This was much bigger:

A BBQ theme, and not the type of thing we'd use much around here.  But I put my frugal hands to use.

One pile of cardboard and ribbon for the preschool art basket.  Another pile of goodies to share with the Sunday Dinner Village Community we join (friends who gather weekly for a meal), and one for the house.  The only item tossed was the plastic wrap.

And now the metal basket has a second carrier in our back bathroom, filling a job that needed filling -- at no expense.

Make the most of what comes our way.  Donate it, share it, keep it, recycle it, but never through much if anything away.  That's the frugal way, at least in our home.

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